Our story


Ten years of doing it right.

With a combined 50 years of investment experience, we witnessed firsthand the way markets could misallocate capital as our firms’ fortunes rose and fell with the momentum of “hot sectors”.

More importantly, we watched a market system grow that discouraged savings and long-term investment, instead creating debt-fueled bubbles and rent seekers that cared little about the sustainability of the economy they were investing in. Working to direct savings to more sustainable business models seemed like a meaningful way for us to use our personal resources, and a more likely path to investment success.

So we founded Greenchip in 2007. Since then, our thesis — that demographic changes, resource scarcity and environmental degradation would create a resource efficiency revolution — has helped us find and capitalize on historic investment opportunities.

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Focus, focus, focus.

Greenchip currently manages one fund, the Greenchip Global Equity Fund, launched January 2, 2008. Both our fund and investment research are offered exclusively in Canada to high net worth individuals, foundation endowments, and pension funds. Greenchip currently has over $90 million under management on behalf of about 160 accredited investors.


We haven’t done it alone.

Greenchip would not have been founded without the support of our associates at Investeco Capital Corp. The company has also benefited from a dedicated board of directors and sector advisors. And we have staying power thanks to capital investment by a number of outside angels. Meet our people.