Make an impact.

Supporting Greenchip provides investment leadership and will help leverage more capital to the environmental economy.

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Greenchip is 100% committed to investing only in companies that provide products and services that improve the efficiency of natural resource use and address environmental challenges.

Destructiveness is not allowed.

Greenchip’s sector approach has more impact than SRI and ESG screening strategies, which direct capital to all sectors of the economy—including environmentally destructive industries such as mining companies, chemical manufacturers and high GHG emitting power generators. Greenchip does not invest in upstream oil and gas producers.

Private investment matters.

We believe private investment and entrepreneurship must lead the resource efficiency revolution. Governments and philanthropic organizations can only play a supporting role.

Responsibility leaders.

Greenchip publicly advocates that investors implement a broader definition of impact investing—focusing on value creation over price movement, lengthening their investment horizons, and considering social and environmental risks in decision-making, all in support of superior investment returns.

Strict proxy voting policy.

Every Greenchip manager is bound to strict proxy voting guidelines. Download our Guidelines PDF

Carbon disclosure.

Greenchip is a proud signatory to the Carbon Disclosure Project.