Improve performance — reduce risk.

Good news.

Since inception, the Greenchip Global Equity Fund has managed to outperform global and environmental indexes with surprisingly low volatility. Even better news: we believe the best years for our environmental sectors strategy lie ahead.

How do we improve performance?

1. Focus on sustainable business models.

They aren’t just good for the planet, they’re also good for business. Demographic changes, resource scarcity and environmental degradation will drive up the value of renewable energy providers and companies that can produce more with less. Learn more about the Efficiency Revolution.

2. Invest in quality.

We invest only in the best of the best; 30-35 proven “blue chip” businesses operating in the green economy. No fragile, experimental or unstable players: only powerful, proven businesses that have their act together.

3. Know the sector inside out.

Greenchip has focused exclusively on the emerging environmental economy for almost a decade.

How do we reduce risk?

1. Avoid resource-intensive, polluting industries.

Higher industrial input costs now challenge any industry unwilling or unable to adjust. We stay away from anyone who is falling behind the times. Greenchip does not invest in upstream oil and gas producers.

2. Perspective on risk.

Investment risk is traditionally a measure of historic volatility. We also consider future risks, like resource scarcity and environmental regulation.

3. Avoid hype.

We’re skeptical of unproven technological solutions and business models, and overly optimistic sales projections.

4. Diversification.

We’ve always maintained diversification by sector, company size and geography.