Invest In Solutions

Each $1 invested in the Greenchip fund creates $1.86* of annual sustainable solutions sales.

An economy transitioning from fossil fuels and inefficient energy consumption to renewable energy and more efficient processes presents both historic risk and opportunities for investors. Greenchip has identified over 600 businesses on the right side of this transition, and developed a proven process to construct high-performing portfolios. As of June 30th, 2020, we calculate that every $1 invested in our fund produces $1.86 of annual environmental solutions sales.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a globally agreed-upon framework that allows investors to measure their impact on critical sustainability issues. According to this framework, Greenchip has determined that 85%** of annual revenues generated by our holdings directly support five SDGs.

*The $1.86 of solution aligned revenue is calculated by dividing the environmental solutions revenue attributable to the Greenchip portfolio by Greenchip’s assets under management.
**This figure is calculated semi-annually and was last adjusted in June 2020. Greenchip primarily invests in pure-play environmental businesses, however, certain larger, diversified companies operate in various sectors, some of which directly align with the United Nations’ SDGs while others do not. Percentages are calculated on the equity portion of the portfolio.