The Energy Transition.

As resources tighten, demographics evolve and the environment degrades, a new energy economy is emerging. Fossil fuels are being replaced by more sustainable sources of energy. Changes to the way we store, transport and consume energy will create new risks and historic investment opportunities. Our sustainability thesis, combined with a proven value discipline, forge a logical path to superior investment returns.

Improve Performance—Reduce Risk.

The Energy Transition has enormous lucrative potential — but it’s not without risk. So we focus only on the strongest companies: “blue chip” businesses operating in the green economy. We apply intensive private equity-style diligence and only hold stocks when we see significant discounts to intrinsic value. And we strive to keep fees and turnover low and maintain concentrated portfolios.

Make an impact on the world.

As resource and environmental issues become more challenging, prices will be forced to adjust, and the companies Greenchip has invested in will be in great demand — not just economically, but socially as well. So investing in more sustainable business models isn’t just a sound move financially: it’s also a meaningful way to put our money where our future is.

On January 1, 2021, Greenchip Financial was acquired by Mackenzie Investments. The acquisition has formed an independent investment boutique within Mackenzie called the Greenchip Team focused on environmental investing.Read More